Meet The Viper

As a chronic pain patient myself, I know what each one of you are going through. I suffered a severe bilateral brachial plexus injury which happened on the operating room table from poor positioning during spine surgery. I’ve had multiple surgeries since to help reduce my pain and gain mobility in my arms. I’ve implanted two neuromodulators in me to help manage my pain. This forced me into early retirement, but the silver lining to this is that New York Cryogen Inc. was conceived. My whole business started off as a hobby treating others and it just exploded into a full pain management operation as we have it today. This modality is so powerful so effective to eradicating inflammation which a major factor in most people who suffer from chronic and acute pain.

It was my calling, my duty to take this to the next level and bring this technology to millions of people not only in this country but around the world. I have created, refined and developed new techniques for high pressure cryotherapy that has never been seen before. We are recognition by the American Medical Association now as a powerful and effective treatment to help and treat people who suffer from pain.


  • One titanium nozzle that will give you unlimited spray patterns by turning a mechanical  knob.
  • Full pressure control from I psi to 900 psi all by turning a mechanical knob.
  • Variable trigger to control the velocity in which the CO2 comes out with a locking mechanism.
  • Dual merging lasers for accurate treatment guidance.
  • High end quality thermal sensor to measure skin temperature.
  • Tank mounted interactive computer with a touch 10-inch screen display.
  • The handheld gun will be fully mechanical, meaning there is no electronic internal moving parts. This gives this device incredible reliability and durability. The internal mechanism will feature a forged block of stainless steel and all operating channels will be CNC milled. No parts will be welded together.

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High Pressure Cryotherapy

High pressure cryotherapy is a low-temperature treatment used to repair damaged tissue, promote healthy muscle fiber restoration, and minimize post-workout fatigue. It is an optimal therapeutic tool for athletes and heavy-hitting gym goers alike. And even though it’s popular in the competitive sports world, cryotherapy is more accessible than ever to just about anyone looking to add a solid recovery experience to their intense workout routines.

We are now using 3M Tegaderm, Ioban 2 as the new standard of care for any patient receiving high pressure cryotherapy from us. This is medical-grade sheathing that stress shields the shock of the cryo gas and protects the skin allows us to aggressively treat the area and dramatically reduces the potential of burning or irritation.  This is a breakthrough technique that was discovered by us all with the intention to protect our patients.

High-Intensity Training

Are you looking for that edge over others? High pressure cryotherapy can help you ensure the hours you are putting in at the gym or on the track aren’t for nothing. This is the most powerful cold therapy around, we are the leaders in this field and always strive for excellence.

Modern Medicine

Trainers and medical experts both agree that cryotherapy is an incredible tool used to augment existing physical therapy or recovery routines.

Wellness and Wellbeing

High pressure cryotherapy has more than just physical health benefits. Studies show that low temperature treatments help re-center your focus and alleviate stress.

How It Works

At New York Cryotherapy, Inc., we bring tried and true methods to the comfort of your home.


Using a state-of-the-art portable machine, we lower the temperatures to 38-40 degree range. This causes blood vessels and tissues to tighten and constrict, as your body redirects energy and blood flow to the core.


We use our powerful handheld portable machine that delivers liquid CO2 or carbon dioxide to produce effective results. After the procedure is completed, it gradually restores the body’s temperature to a normal range and allows blood to return to normal circulatory pressure levels. This reheating of major muscle groups results in a restorative effect, providing for greater range of motion and recovery.


Through continued high pressure cryotherapy use, muscles adapt and improve over time. This results in shortened recovery times and an improved workout feel. This technology eradicates inflammation quickly so you can feel your best all the time.  Why suffer with pain, let us alleviate your discomfort.

Is High Pressure Cryotherapy for You?

Anyone in general good health with a regular level of fitness is suitable for high pressure cryotherapy. In fact, many new gym-goers attest that starting cryotherapy early on in their journey has helped them maintain a level of confidence and fitness that might not have otherwise been possible.

If you’re healthy, cryotherapy can help keep you that way. And with New York Cryogen, you won’t have to make any special trips because we are a fully mobile unit and we will treat you in the comfort of your own home.

Feel Better

  • Pain Management
  • Athletic Recovery
  • Post-Surgery Recovery
  • Psoriasis and Eczema Relief
  • Fine Face Wrinkles

Look Better

  • Jawline Tightening
  • Thigh Sculpting
  • Cellulite Firming
  • Body Sculpting
  • Acne Treatment

Why Do It

High pressure cryotherapy is a fascinating concept when it crosses the human mind. What benefits could exposing yourself to temperatures of 40 degrees yield? Through vigorous study, the bodily advantages gained through the whole body’s exposure to the cold are plenty. Much so that athletes and entertainment professionals are increasingly using cryotherapy sessions to increase their mental and physical performance.

Regular use of our sessions provided by one-of-a-kind handheld portable machine can help improve many aspects of well-being. Those include assistance in soothing muscle aches, inflammations, and chronic pain – further helping with burning calories and a significant boost in metabolism. Results from recurring sessions have brought a more resolute immune system, expedited healing of injuries, and increased weight loss. All the bodily perks find themselves neatly packaged in a few cryotherapy sessions.

The sessions provided by our team don’t just serve as an enhancement to your mental and physical states. Those who suffer from pre-existing conditions such as arthritis notice great results with the cold therapy. People can find much relief with this safe, easy-to-comply method of well-being. Cryotherapy is becoming more accessible and a preferred choice to address health concerns.

Elite athletes involved in the highest competition levels have celebrated increased success through cryotherapy. Through its application to soothing intense physical activity, sporting associations are using sessions to boost team performances.
Celebrities continue their treatments to get into shape for their roles in the entertainment sphere – continuing to praise how the sessions leave them feeling great. High pressure cryotherapy is a unique body treatment – but all the health benefits it delivers are a revelation.

What people take away from the sessions is a feeling of enhancement and rejuvenation. Cryotherapy is a practice that makes a difference – a highly positive impact that makes clients ready to take on the daily challenges that face them.