We are New York Cryogen, Inc., and we strive to redefine your health and well-being. Our service thrives off the concept of our clients actually feeling great and living well. We rejuvenate health and happiness through high pressure medical cyrotherapy, a unique yet highly beneficial treatment that enables people to perform their best.

Utilizing high pressure medical cyrotherapy has yielded a world of benefits for people of all trades, especially in the sporting and entertainment worlds. Our mantra has been to assist every individual and leave them feeling outstanding. The focused application of cold therapy has proven as one of the most successful methods of boosting immune systems – helping with weight loss, enhancing performance, and so much more.

Traditionally, cyrotherapy has been sought by elite clientele in dedicated clinics. New York Cryogen, Inc. aims to change that ideal through a fully mobile high pressure cold treatment service. Wherever you are, we aim to be fully accessible for sessions to fit in your daily routine. Whether you have just finished a gym session or prefer carrying the process in your own home, we can come to you.

Feel fantastic.

We believe that high pressure medical cyrotherapy brings a positive outlook in all aspects of health, from treating skin conditions to boosting performance. The practice enhances immune systems and helps with sleep, delivering a full spectrum of rehabilitation and rejuvenation. Everyone deserves to look and feel their best without worrying about
traveling far and wide to achieve that goal. Our vision applies to all that seek a positive difference through our handheld portable machine.

We are enthusiastic about the benefits of high pressure medical cyrotherapy and the results speak for themselves. The process is safe, reliable, and highly effective. Our team is full of expertise, very knowledgeable, and always willing to help. The icing on the cake – we are now very accessible. Cold therapy sessions have never looked so enticing.

We have demonstrated through observational and clinical trials the our high pressure medical cyrotherapy modality is clearly superior to traditional cyrotherapy utilizing liquid nitrogen that has zero effects for pain management.  What you are left with is a “Spa” type of treatment that will not yield in any pain relief.  There is a reason why the American Medical Association had endorsed us and our modality as a medical procedure and is now covered by Medicare and private health insurance companies.  We offer a real solution to your chronic or acute pain in a non invasive approach.  You have nothing to loose but your pain and discomfort.

Feel the cold, emerge refreshed!

There is a reason why high pressure medical cyrotherapy has become an increasingly popular solution to well-being. The lucrative sessions have delivered profound benefits to those who have sought treatments. Athletes and celebrities alike continue to laud the practice, given the great feeling of rejuvenation it provides.

New York Cryogen, Inc. delivers a powerful high pressure medical cyrotherapy service that yields a vast array of health benefits. We want our clients consistently ready to face daily challenges with vigor, feeling top form in every mental and physical aspect. Our highly accessible and safe handheld portable medical devise will deliver liquid carbon dioxide, ultimately delivering a seamless experience.

The cold touch does wonders for a human. Boosting moods, helping with sleep, shaping your body are just some of the few perks of cyrotherapy sessions. All sessions are conducted meticulously for well-being, carried out with a team of professionals dedicated to achieving your health goals.

We specialize in convenient therapy – we can slot into your daily routine, with a fully mobile unit able to bring the beneficial sessions to your home and beyond. New York Cryogen, Inc. wants all our clients to reap the rewards of rejuvenation. Through the cooling effects of cyrotherapy – you can feel great, look great, and live well.