On June 14th 2022 New York Cryogen Inc. Has received full endorsement from the American Medical Association and has issued us our exclusive CPT billing codes for high pressure cryotherapy. Never in the history of cryotherapy has this been done. We are in the process of finalizing our own high-powered high pressure cryotherapy medical device that could be used in your private practice or for institutional use with applications for post-operative care or anyone that is presenting with chronic or acute pain. Our exclusive billing codes could only be used to authorized users who are in possession of the AC-130 Viper high pressure cryotherapy device but should be ready for distribution come September 2022. We will be offering leasing agreements as well as direct purchases of this medical device. Please check our web page every few weeks for updates as we are wrapping things up with our engineers in early preparation for manufacturing and distribution. We are in the process of negotiating reimbursement with Medicare and all private insurance as we speak, so please check back with us for any updates.