I went to NY Cryogen for spinal cryotherapy treatment after a car accident. Before signing up, I tried other more “conservative” modalities to cure my herniated discs…physical therapy, chiropractic treatment, and acupuncture, but they only offered limited support and relied on me going almost everyday to keep the pain away.
After doing six sessions of High Pressuress cryo treatment on my lumbar spine, my back pain has completely disappeared. Three months later, and the pain hasn’t resurfaced. I thank NY Cryogen for making the pain disappear. It has allowed me to get back to doing the things I love….jogging at the beach, weightlifting at the gym, and most importantly, being able to live a pain-free lifestyle!
Paul M.
Stony Brook, NY

I came across New York Cryogen page on instagram, and I was very Intrigued about the process, of high pressure cryotherapy he piqued my interest. I submitted my information, and let me tell you, Within 24 hrs Greg was calling me. We spoke about my pain and location and 3 days later I was at his shop he administered 7 powerful treatments and today I am absolutely 100% pain free. I highly recommend Greg, you will definitely in good hands! His technology and approach and knowledge is incredible.  I’m so grateful for everything that he has done for me to give me quality of life,  pain free! I thought it would never happen.  Thanks again Greg, you’re a miracle worker!

Hector D.
Brooklyn, NY

I found Greg on social media, I contacted him after speaking with him I decided to try out his high pressure cryogenic treatment.  Greg is a very proffesional person to work with I explained to him my elbow and knee issue that I’ve been having for the past few month he listen very carefully and explained to me how the treatment works.  I did total of 5 treatments and pain deff went down.  Will deff continue to work with Greg.

Mila M.
Forest Hills, NY.

Greg’s innovative and creative methods combined with his vast knowledge and experience gained during his previous highly technical medical career eliminated vast areas of inflammation pain in my body that traditional doctor specialists failed to address adequately that this professor is at a loss of words to describe the degree of effective and lasting comfort that I experienced. A compression fracture at L1 in March 2013 began a cascade of issues that led to a lumbar sacral muscle imbalance in which inflammation pain dominated my existence. His high pressure Cryotherapy treatments became an incremental and accumulative path to mobility not experienced experienced in 9 years time. Apart from the relatively simple biological mechanics of the disposal of inflammation into the lymphatic system, Greg’s true caring and honesty and compassion has me believing he was called to do this. His newly engineered equipment and corresponding insights will only result in many more of us benefiting from real and lasting pain relief. This not about money, not big pharma, but big caring and dedication to those of us with pain that he and his future certified care givers will service.

Ron S.
Miller Place, NY.

My wife was having major pain in her lower back for over two weeks. After just one treatment from New York Cryogen she was feeling MUCH better and was able to move around pain free! Almost a week later and she still has zero pain in her back. I would definitely recommend New York Cryogen to anyone who is dealing with constant pains.

Gerald F.
Washington, New Jersey

I have been a competitive athlete my entire life growing up as a kid I played many sports as I got older, I gravitated towards bodybuilding and powerlifting. I am currently a gym owner and Personal trainer of many professional and amateur athletes. Over the years we all experienced injuries, aches and pains. One of the nagging problems that I’ve had over the years have been my knees, I have tried many things to find relief from gel shots to cold packs, heat therapy, electric stimulation, acupuncture, pain medications specifically over the counter and sometimes opioids to help manage the pain. I’ve heard of cryotherapy before and seen many people talk about it sitting in the chamber and getting the liquid nitrogen sprayed on them how cold they would get but nothing prepared me for what I experienced when I called New York Cryogen. I’ve been receiving treatment from this company for close to one year now and all I have to say is this approach and treatment is very impressive. Greg explained the entire process to me about what to expect and let me tell you he delivered the goods 100%. The pain relief is profound, it’s unbelievable! I no longer have to take cortisone injections into my knee or even receive the gel shots.  I receive weekly treatments on average from him and it maintains my pain levels and my knees completely.  Inflammation can be nasty and New York Cryogen’s high pressure cryotherapy technique that he has is unmatched by anything I’ve ever seen! I feel so much better after each treatment I’m able to squat and push heavy weight again.   If it wasn’t for Greg this would not be possible. The quality of my life has improved, I could walk without pain, I could sleep without pain and I could do activities with my family without feeling miserable or uncomfortable. I would highly recommend Greg and New York Cryogen if you are suffering from any type of chronic or acute pain. He has also treated my back with tremendous success.  What I love about this technology is it is noninvasive, holistic and completely safe; you can never overdose on cryotherapy! Without hesitation I would recommend Greg and New York Cryogen to anybody. He is clearly ahead of the curve when it comes to pain management in this arena. No one and I mean no one could come close to him and what he’s doing.

Noah S.
Oceanside, New York

It gives me great pleasure to write this testimonial for this incredible company and service that they provide.  I have been suffering with chronic pain in multiple body parts, specifically my knees, lower back, shoulders, neck areas. I am a professional tattoo artist and work many hours per week. The pain and discomfort that I’ve been experiencing over the last few years has been very difficult to treat in many ways. I have tried over the counter anti inflammatories like Tylenol, Motrin & Aleve as well as pain creams with lidocaine ranging from bio freeze to bengay.  None of these treatments actually were very effective; they were very mild in efficacy at best. I came across New York Cryogen on Instagram and was looking at his videos of how he was treating people with his liquid carbon dioxide and the testimonials that people were giving him on the pain relief was incredible. I kept on watching as I saw his followers keep on growing and new videos of new clients going up all expressing incredible pain relief so it piqued my fascination and interest. I decided to give them a call and Greg showed up at the house and let me tell you it was the best phone call I’ve ever made! His technology is clearly lightyears ahead of so many other people he is in a class by himself. What he’s doing and changing people’s lives giving them instant pain relief with long lasting effects is incredible. At one point I was resorting to opioid medications to control my pain. They would make me very sleepy and as a tattoo artist I need to be alert and sharp all the time. After Greg treated all of the areas that I requested I immediately felt relieved and the next day was even more profound. I felt like $1,000,000 was incredible! I am telling all my friends and I’m going to bring him down again and I will have many more people for him to treat because now I am 100% believer in New York cryogen and high pressure cryotherapy. I was completely blown away with his treatment and forever would be grateful. What he’s doing is truly a miracle. It’s holistic, noninvasive and completely safe. Yes the treatment is incredibly cold but it’s refreshing and Greg takes all the precautions to keep you comfortable and keep you safe. He explained the entire process to me of what to expect and let me tell you he delivered the goods 110% my skin was left perfectly intact.  I have a better sense of well being and a better quality of life since Greg’s treatment. I’m not in pain anymore so that I could sleep better when I sleep better. I feel better. It’s incredible how this is all a cascading effect and how everything affects everything else. I will be calling New York Cryogen and Greg back down very soon for additional treatments.  Now this is going to be my main course of treatment to manage my pain not only in the short term but long term as well.  Without hesitation I would recommend Greg and New York Cryogen to anyone who is suffering from chronic or acute pain. The approach is unique, sophisticated and safe.

Edwin Jose R.
Mount Holly, New Jersey

Greg made my recovery experience infinitely better. I had a grade 2 tear on my left MCL. Fortunately surgery was not necessary.My knee was very swollen, the cryotherapy was very therapeutic. It helped bring down the swelling a lot. During my first session Greg set clear expectations on what I could expect from the therapy. He was very professional and punctual to all 8 sessions that I purchased. I recommend New York Cryogen to all my friends and family.

Jose E.
New Hyde Park, NY.

I tore my hamstring playing football. I had two weeks to take two strenuous physical ability tests, one for the military and another for law enforcement. With time running out I was growing more concerned I would fail both. I took my worries to a close friend who suggested to speak to Greg at New York Cryogen Inc. I was not familiar with cryogenic therapy and the more is was explained to me the more intrigued I became. With my test looming I decided to give it a shot. I called Greg on Thursday and he was at my door Friday treating my injured hamstring. He continued to treat me on several other occasions up until I took my test. After my first treatment I felt like I could run for miles! With each passing day I felt my hamstring getting stronger and stronger. When we first began treatment I could barely walk, when it was all said and done I was back to running 3 miles a day! Needless to say I passed both physicals which included running 1.5 miles in 12:25 a 300 meter sprint in 45 seconds and 52 sit-ups and 50 push ups in a minute. Long story short Greg is a miracle worker and if you have ANY doubts in Cryogen dont. It worked wonders for me and it can for you too.

Marvin A Wilson
Amityville, NY

Let me start by saying that I was a bit skeptical of the idea of cryogenic therapy would work for my conditions. After giving it some thought and watching Greg on Instagram post before and after pictures of patients being treated with tons of inflammation and four minutes later feeling much better with inflammation being reduced by over 50%. I decided to give it a try. OMG!! It has been the best decision I’ve made in years to feeling pain free! With just one treatment today in three areas of my body, I feel great!! Cryotherapy is a must-try, if you want to reduce inflammation in any part of your body his technology is clear above the rest. The best investment you can make for your health. Besides, Greg is an excellent therapist that any patient would want to work with. Definitely recommended🙏

Dee Dee
Staten Island, New York

Greg first worked on me when he was doing a fundraiser event at Siege Athletics in Mineola. At the time, my knee was giving me some trouble from a recent injury so the timing couldn’t have been any better. Greg assured me that after the treatment my knee would be 60 – 70% better. I left and I didn’t notice much within the first couple of hours. I went to sleep and when I woke up almost all of the stiffness and soreness were gone. It was definitely 70% better than that morning. I had another treatment about a week later as of now, I’m about 90% better. I’m sure I would be fully recovered by now but I never properly rested it as I find it very difficult to sit still. I recommended him to a friend of mine with badly pulled hamstring and his experience was just as great as mine. There is no reason not to give him a try.

Hugh H.
Seaford, NY.

Everyone, you are right, I did call New York Cryogen back and spent more money but not for my back because my back feels fantastic!!!! I am trying it on my face and I love it!!! Greg was also kind enough to treat my daughter’s foot (she has been in pain for some time and this was the first time she felt some relief and was able to play a painless hockey game tonight!!!) (by the way Greg provided the service free of charge for my daughter). I have never met a man so eager and so sincere about wanting to help people find relief from their pain. Never – cant wait till my next session. I get massages, I do yoga and never look at those things as a waste of money…this is just another method which I have found helps my body stay strong and feel good. I work out, I work hard…. I can use all the help I can get 🙂
You should give him a try…it doesn’t matter where you…I am pretty sure Greg will make a way to come to you if you are in pain….he is in a “pain relief” mission/service…pls note, I didn’t say “business” From my experience, money is not his number one priority.

Olivia J.
Valley Stream, NY.

I had the worst and when I say worst lower back pain ever is an understatement… I went to New York Cryogyn and one session with Greg my pain went from a 10 to 7 in hours. One day later I was able to bend without horrible pain, I was now at a 4. As time goes on it just gets better!!!! It’s absolutely worth it!!!! Thanks so much!!!!!

Petrice K.
Brooklyn, New York

After rupturing the patella tendon in my right knee, I had a grueling 8 month rehabilitation schedule that was made more difficult due to severe swelling in the repaired region. The usual routine of ice and ibuprofen did little to reduce inflammation and pain. After assessing the situation, Greg recommended an aggressive cryo treatment schedule. Within days my inflammation was down, pain was greatly reduced and I had the ability to perform physical therapy at a higher level needed to overcome my knee injury. The mobility in my knee today wouldn’t be the same without those treatments.

Bill D.
Old Brookville, NY.

Wow! Thank you New York Cryogen for the therapy in helping with my low back spasms. I have had numerous physical therapy treatments and taken various meds with minimal relief. I will say this was an injury from weightlifting years ago. Greg from New York Cryogen was professional, courteous and prompt in responding to me and addressed my concerns. Granted, I was skeptical as nothing had really helped much in the past. I was amazed to feel how much relief I was able to get after the first treatment and I look forward to the next.

Thomas T.
New York, NY.

Chronic pain is a part of everyday life and today the word “inflammation” is gaining more and more attention in just about every arena of health. As a health and fitness professional, I had the opportunity to meet Greg who is a pioneer and a passionate expert in administering state of the art hand held precision cryotherapy. His Direct method was just the answer for my source of elbow inflammation. As an aging exercise fanatic, I have found in just 1 incredible session, under 3 minutes the pain I was dealing with was instantly gone! Instead of constant hot/ice therapy, on and off ibuprofen use, Kinetic taping and even cortisone injections, there is no better holistic way on the planet to draw out inflammation to get me back in the gym training hard again. As a corrective exercise specialist I can once again focus on executing proper movement patterns without the nagging cumulative inflammation I was dealing with! All I can say is “Watch out traditional medicine”! Finally something that’s non invasive and has no intrinsic impact!

Steve K.
Miller Place, NY.

One the best pain management techniques I’ve ever had done. It’s such an amazing mind blowing experience. The fact that it’s a mobile service words cannot express the strain it takes off traveling. I look forward to every session cause it works unbelievably. Thank you greggory for helping me feel pain free again.

Jigar J.
Long Beach, New York

My daughter was fortunate enough to come across Greg a few months ago and sought treatment for herself. She was so impressed and had such great results that she started recommending him to her friends. When Greg explained how cryogenic treatment can be beneficial for numerous health conditions, she immediately recommended him to me. Since then I’ve received a number of cryogenic treatments from Greg on my arthritic hands, my knees, and shoulder and I can’t recommend this treatment and Greg enough.
Greg is very competent and professional. He maintains communication with you before he arrives and also touches base after treatment to check in to see how you are feeling. He does a very thorough job of explaining the process and what to expect. Greg always carefully monitors your skin temperature during treatment. He lets you know where you’re at in the process and always seeks feedback to make sure you are feeling fine. Initially, due to my inflammation and nervous sweaty hands, I experienced a little bit of discomfort during my first treatment and he had a solution to address it that worked.
I am extremely grateful to Greg for this incredible service, for the convenience of treatment at home, and most of all for his awesome personality and professionalism. Now my inflammation and pain has dramatically decreased in my hands and I also have more range of motion in my fingers. This is extremely exciting as nothing else has worked for me! I also tried treatment on my knees because I was experiencing stiffness and it worked to increase range of motion! One day I had shoulder pain and after treatment it was dramatically better! What is really great is that if something comes up health wise that might react beneficially to this kind of treatment, there’s finally a solution to turn to.
Give New York Cryogen a shot and like me, you’ll be glad you did. I’m so glad that my daughter recommended him to me!Greg truly is a miracle worker and an empathetic, caring healer. He truly cares about his clients and always goes that extra mile.
Thanks Greg!

Paula L.
Massapequa, NY

Greg was a LIFESAVER!!!
True story…It was 4 days before my wedding and I had just sprained my foot. I was in pain and not in any shape to dance or move around. I got a recommendation to use New York Cryogen and Greg’s cryotherapy (which I never heard of) but decided to just give it a try. Greg answered the phone and came to my house within a few quick hours. He fit me into his schedule and moved things around so that I could get the last-minute attention that I needed before the big day. His guarantee that I’d be fine by the wedding left me skeptical but I didn’t have other options. I’m not a doctor nor do I understand how the human body works, but Greg most definitely understood what needed to be done and how to do it in the kindest way possible. After my 4th quick session (each session takes about 20 mins), I was able to fit my foot in my dress shoes and dance at my own wedding. Not only did the therapy work quickly, but his well-balanced professionalism and friendliness are unmatched. Greg truly saved me and I’m forever grateful to him for making my wedding day possible (and for even getting me a wedding gift).

Benny Miller
Cedarhurst, NY

I met Greg from New York Cryogen from my strength trainer…..I had just recently had surgery for a torn bicep tendon and then with a spell of bad luck tore my calf muscle a short time after my bicep surgery….Greg’s techniques and availability to treat me on my schedule helped me through both injuries in record time ….3 months after the bicep surgery I was boxing again and 3 weeks after my torn calf I was kicking again ….Not only did the therapy work but Greg is the easiest and nicest guy to deal with ….Not to mention how convenient it is that he comes to you (as it was horrible to drive for the three weeks I had the calf injury) …..the treatments didn’t stop there….I had him do my joints that I occasionally have pain in, from just being an athlete, and every time after treatment I felt like I was 21 again, I’m 37 now lol….If you haven’t tried this type of therapy for injuries you are def missing this puzzle piece in your regiment, especially if you’re an athlete ….Highly recommend this even if you have minimal pain in ANY area of the body ….Not to mention Greg loves helping people and what he does….Try it once, you’ll be hooked and not disappointed.

Mike M. West

I had full reconstruction surgery of my ACL on April 13th.  Through word of mouth I was recommended to use Greg’s services and I am so glad I did.  The cryo treatment brought my knees inflammation down in 6 days.  The inflammation was so bad that Greg had to come to my house twice a day to get it down.  After the first initial 6 treatments, I would notice after Physical Therapy my knee was fatigued and inflammation was coming back.  Greg came once a week to help reduce the inflammation and allow me a speedy recovery.  The progress that I have been able to make wouldn’t have been possible without this treatment.  Greg is professional and great to work with, his story in itself is inspiring.  This treatment is something that I would HIGHLY recommend to anyone post surgery or in pain it just works amazingly!!

Maggie K.
Westbury, NY.

I am a IFBB Pro, I have been a competitive athlete pretty much all my life.  From kickboxing as a child, football, baseball, track and swimming.   In participating in all these sports the gym plays a major role in my performance. Over the years I have suffered numerous injuries and tried every Avenue for rehab and pain management… I tried cryotherapy and just after the first session, my pain in my quad tendonitis  was significantly less…. After 6 treatments I’m back to squatting and my pain is only at a 2 from a scale of 1-10…I can’t wait to continuously push myself and make gains knowing I have cryotherapy to help with my aches and pains.

Jamal H.
Nassau County, NY.

I’m thrilled to share my testimonial with New York Cryogen! Greg was amazing, he was very professional and encouraging. He explained the process and the treatment, and helped me get over one of my biggest insecurities. My facial acne has always been bothering me. For the longest time I had  little to no success with a dermatologist.  With the treatments Greg provided, my blemishes and painful cystic acne have gone away along with the acne scars and redness. I’m finally comfortable to go outside without makeup, and I’m now confident to look at myself in the mirror.

Maria R.
Huntington, NY.

I am often asked, “What do you do to stay healthy?” A lot. By clients, other parents, athletes, my 5 year old daughter. Usually right after they see that for work I am consistently lifting over twice my bodyweight, sometimes more. I tell them, “Eat good food, move, and recover.” Them: “What if you get hurt? What do you do for pain?” “Cryotherapy. NY Cryogen saved me.”
I was training for a powerlifting competition when I was injured. Specifically, a ruptured core, internal bleeding, and a few internal tears. I was asked in the ER if I had been in a car accident. My doctors recommended bed rest and told me I may not be able to pick up my daughter again. This simply was not an option. I called NY Cryogen, made my appointment, and I received immediate treatment, in the safety and comfort of my home. The relief was almost instant. I was shocked. To go from pain levels so severe you can barely breathe – to your child’s superhero the next day – is astounding. Greg at NY CRYOGEN is knowledgeable, he answered all my questions, and most importantly he CARES about you as a whole person. What doctors told me would take months or years to recover from, I recovered within weeks and went on to compete, and qualify for nationals. I pick up my daughter without any pain. Pain is debilitating. It changes your life. You suddenly have to be conscious of every breath, every movement, because one wrong move will have you bed ridden for the rest of the day OR WEEKS. The treatment I received from NY Cryogen took care of me so that I can go back to caring for myself, my daughter, and my work.
Thank you Greg and everyone at NY Cryogen!

Vanessa H.
North Massapequa, NY.

My experience with NY Cryogen was wonderful and I am happy to write this testimonial. Greg was recommended to me prior to my ACL and Meniscus repair. I am so glad I decided to use Cryotherapy. I started my treatments two days following my surgery and I felt relief instantly. The treatments continued for the next 5 days. With each session, the swelling became less and less. During each visit, Greg explained the process which made me feel very comfortable and confident. He was also very accessible and in contact with me daily to check on my progress. I was extremely pleased with the attention Greg gave to my therapy and would highly recommend NY Cryogen to anyone who needs cold treatments to reduce pain and swelling.

Jennifer G.
North Massapequa, NY.

My experience with New York Cryogen was nothing but amazing! I had ACL and meniscus reconstruction surgery and starting the day after surgery, Greg came to my house to treat me every day for a week. As this was unfortunately my 2nd ACL reconstruction surgery, I kind of knew what to except. With my first surgery, my doctor recommended renting a GameReady ice machine. I absolutely loved the GameReady and I knew I wanted it again this time. When working with a friend in the industry to try to rent one, I was recommended to use New York Cryogen instead. I was a little skeptical at first as I thought I had great success with the GameReady and I was unsure of this new technology. I decided to move forwarded with trying cryotherapy and there was no comparison. After just the second day of cryotherapy treatment with Greg, I felt significantly better and the swelling was nearly cut in half. Greg explained the entire process and exactly what he was doing every step of the way. After the first few treatments, Greg even texted me to check in on me to see how I was doing and was willing to come back for as many treatments as I needed/wanted. I would hands down recommend everyone to work with Greg and try cryotherapy! Thank you Greg and New York Cryogen for everything!!!

Jessica F.
Merrick, NY

New York Cryogen has helped my back pain unlike any other treatments in the past. This targeted therapy gave me absolutely no discomfort and had me feeling good as new almost instantly.  Greg is absolutely amazing! I feel like my old self again from just a couple of session!

Ray G.
Long Island, NY

It gives me great pleasure to write this testimonial. Our son was battling severe acne and folliculitis on his shoulders and back for two years, he was being treated by a dermatologist with antibiotics with absolutely no results. I came across New York Cryogen and decided to try some cryotherapy. Greg was amazing he explained the process gave a little sample to our son of what to expect and we decided to move forward with a course of therapy.  Needless to say we followed Greg’s recommendations for a treatment schedule and now my son has perfectly clear skin and feels confident in himself once again. The results were profound what he did in two weeks the dermatologist could not do in 2 years. We are so grateful that we have found New York Cryogen. Without hesitation anyone considering cryotherapy really should consider using Greg and the mere fact that he is mobile and he could come to your house on your schedule was a huge benefit. Thank you so much for everything what you have done for our son to help restore his confidence you are truly a miracle worker you’re doing a wonderful thing.

Marty & Deanna M.
Stonybrook, NY.

I wanted to share my amazing experience when doing cryotherapy for the first time. Greg makes you feel very comfortable he is very empathetic to whatever chronic pain you may be feeling.   The therapy is very comfortable and painless .  It is refreshing and relaxing .   I suffer with severe fibromyalgia and have used many modalities over the past 20 years of my life.   I would definitely give this a try if you are looking for something non invasive and therapeutic.

Lisa P.
Glen Head, NY